Vanilla + Addepar Partnership: New integration simplifies estate planning

Creating a complete estate profile for a client requires blending family, estate plan, and financial information together in one place. Today, we’re happy to announce a new partnership and integration between Addepar and Vanilla to simplify bringing financial data into the Client Profile. Addepar is one of the leading portfolio management systems for wealth advisors, and by bringing the account data from Addepar into the Vanilla Estate Advisory Platform, we will help advisors create a more comprehensive picture of their client’s estate plans.

During the onboarding process, advisors can save time and avoid unnecessary manual data entry by connecting their client’s profile to Addepar in a few simple steps. Once their Addepar accounts and assets are integrated into the Vanilla platform, their client’s financial information will update automatically each morning, ensuring up-to-date, accurate data and a more complete estate profile. 

The estate plans and visualizations in Vanilla contain multiple sources of information including the client’s household data, financial information, and existing estate documents. An advisor’s ability to provide consistent, real time analytics on their client’s estate is the driving force behind impactful estate advisory which is why the financial information in Addepar is synched to Vanilla on a daily basis so that the balance sheet and client profile stay up-to-date. 

To learn more about Vanilla’s integration with Addepar, visit our page on the Addepar Integration Center.

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