With Vanilla’s estate planning software for financial advisors, you can deepen client relationships, expand share of wallet, and win new business by providing differentiated estate planning advice.

Estate planning software for financial advisors

Deliver differentiated estate planning advice

With Vanilla’s estate planning software for financial advisors, you can deepen client relationships, expand share of wallet, and win new business by providing differentiated estate planning advice.

The benefits of estate planning for financial advisors

Make the complex simple

Make the complex simple

Develop tailored, multi-layered estate planning advice geared to each client’s individual needs.

Expand relationships

Expand share of wallet

Get deeper with clients and add value by focusing on the most intimate planning, each client’s family legacy.

Connect to the next generation

Connect to the next generation

Position yourself as the family advisor and open up new conversations with the next generation.

Win new clients

Win new clients

Our purpose-built estate planning software for financial advisors drives revenue growth by helping your team stand apart from the competition.

Key features for financial advisors

Vanilla Estate Plan Diagram

Quickly visualize the entire estate 

 Advisors can help their clients understand their estate plan with simplified, dynamic visualizations. Drill deeper into the details about specific parts of the estate including assets, provisions, beneficiaries, and fiduciaries.

Create a living picture of a client’s assets 

See a high-level summary of your clients’ entire estate. The balance sheet shows how assets are titled, entity structure, and other information like life insurance so you can show the long-term value of estate and tax planning.


Discuss estate planning opportunities

Once your client’s estate is mapped out, it’s time to identify planning opportunities. Structure your advice to include everything from up-to-date items to reviewing beneficiary designations and potential tax saving strategies.

Seamlessly onboard your clients’ family and financial data  

Seamlessly onboard your clients’ family and financial data  

Sync Vanilla with the tools you already love or import data via CSV to quickly build out client profiles. With integrations to leading portfolio management software that updates daily, you can quickly and efficiently create a complete picture of your client’s estate on the Vanilla platform.

Branded Reports

Deliver custom branded reports for every client 

Advisors can send their clients a customizable report with their company’s branding that details the entire estate plan.



Advisor Resources

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Jim Sinai

Jim Sinai

Sep 19, 2022

10 Diagrams to explain advanced estate planning strategies

  Tax planning for clients with taxable estates has always been complex. We’ve learned the best way to explain estate planning strategies is with diagrams, not documents. That’s why we’ve put together this deck of 10 diagrams to explain some of the advanced strategies and why household with $10M in assets should care about estate tax. Why $10M in household assets? In 2026 the Estate Tax exemption drops down to just about $10M (or higher based on inflation). The 10 diagrams explain both why you need advanced strategies and how 8 different strategies work. We’ve explained them all below but...



Dec 11, 2020

7 Major reasons why estate planning isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’...

  Imagine that you're having your first consultation with a new client. You ask them whether they have an estate plan in place. They proudly tell you that they drew up a will and assigned guardianship as soon as their first child was born — 25 years ago. Job well done, next question — right? Not quite! Let's examine why treating an estate plan as a one-off task comes with significant risks that could end in nightmare scenarios for your client and their family. 1: Beneficiaries and fiduciaries are often temporary While your client may express a desire to designate...

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