Intelligent Capitalworks harnesses Vanilla to bring greater clarity to clients, at scale

At Intelligent Capitalworks, an advisor isn’t just an advisor. An advisor is a coach, a counselor, a leader and a listener – in addition to being a financial expert. Advisors at Intelligent Capitalworks help their clients navigate an increasingly complex world with a truly multifaceted approach to wealth management.

It’s an approach that takes stock of individual needs beyond the balance sheet, looking realistically at the present while crafting a strategic vision for the future. Legacy planning is one of the foundational elements of this 360-degree planning.

Nuance, complexity and comprehension at scale

“While we have long held estate planning as an important part of our holistic wealth strategies, it’s challenging to review advanced estate plans, which can be quite complex for high net worth clients, at scale and in a way that clients can visualize and comprehend. Vanilla helps us create outstanding estate plan reviews that our clients can see and understand. And the platform helps us engage clients in ongoing conversations around their legacy,” said Michael Rossi, CFP®, Chief Client Wealth Officer at Intelligent Capitalworks.

Adding new functionality while increasing efficiency

Even with a bench of experienced advisors that have a range of professional certifications, providing advanced estate planning with accompanying visualizations has historically been incredibly time intensive. Vanilla has helped Intelligent Capitalworks scale its estate planning workflows, making the process more efficient while up-leveling the client-facing visualizations.   “The features, scope, quality and economics of Vanilla have made it compelling to our advisors and clients alike,” said Rossi.

Removing client barriers

Intelligent Capital strives to increase clarity for its clients so they can feel liberated rather than hindered by their financial strategy. The firm plans to keep legacy planning as a key component of this philosophy, using Vanilla to help remove barriers to client understanding, and as a platform to help continually evolve legacy plans in response to ever changing client needs.


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