Vanilla helps in-house wealth and estate planners simplify the estate planning process with guided templates and workflows for abstracting key information from trust and estate documents. 

Estate planning software for estate planners

Simplify the estate planning process

Vanilla helps in-house wealth and estate planners simplify the estate planning process with guided templates and workflows for abstracting key information from trust and estate documents. 

How Vanilla helps wealth and estate planners

Standardize estate reviews

Quickly produce detailed estate plan summaries from client documents with guided templates and workflows.

Eliminate manual workflows

Remove PowerPoint templates and Excel spreadsheets with software that helps model estate taxation, beneficiary distribution totals, and client reports, all in one place.

Visualize estate plans

Create modern and comprehensive diagrams, estate maps, and visualizations from complex estate documents.

Create efficient teams

Standardize your offering and reduce processing time with templates purpose built for estate planning teams.

Key features for estate planners

Enhance productivity

Enhance productivity by quickly abstracting key information

Abstract critical elements from estate documents into Vanilla in a few clicks. Easily create powerful visualizations and calculations for a full picture of your client’s estate.

On-demand PDF reports

Save time creating reports with a detailed PDF

Give your advisors a branded client deliverable that ensures every planner’s work results in a clean, easy-to-consume, modern estate report.

Estate tax calculations

Comprehend estimated federal and state estate tax liability

Leverage our estate planning software to ensure your clients understand the impact of estate taxes on their plans. Get estimates of potential federal and state estate tax liability.

Estate Review Manager

Manage team workload

Easily track the status of the team’s outstanding, in progress, and completed estate reviews  Seamlessly assign reviews to other members of the team for a streamlined estate planning process.

Resources for wealth and estate strategists

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Apr 04, 2023

Vanilla sample report for taxable estates

With Vanilla, advisors can create a new type of deliverable that both clients and prospects have never seen before. Not only does Vanilla help advisors increase the depth of their service offerings, but it also helps an advisor’s client actually understand the full picture of their wealth and legacy. Download a sample report below.



Dec 02, 2020

“How do I get a medical power of attorney for my adult child?”...

  With more young adults living with their parents now since the Great Depression, families with college-age children need questions answered about where parents’ legal rights begin and end. As a financial advisor, you should be ready to answer the questions your clients have, such as “how do I get a medical power of attorney?” and connect them with the documents they and their adult children need to protect their families. This concise guide will help you point your clients in the right direction. “What are the legal realities of my child turning 18?” When a young adult turns 18,...



Apr 07, 2023

Communicating between the lines: Using letters of wishes to guide trustees

When it comes to estate planning, there’s no substitute for having the right core legal documents drafted, and ensuring they align with your clients’ wishes. But no matter how carefully estate planning documents are drafted, it’s impossible to anticipate every eventuality – and, the truth is, life often moves faster than clients do when it comes to updating their documents. One great way to bolster an estate plan against the unexpected, and to help trustees make decisions in accord with client expectations, is through Letters of Wishes. What is a letter of wishes? A letter of wishes is simply a...

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