Deepen client conversations with First-to-Pass analysis

At Vanilla, we are continually iterating to expand our product features and support more complex estate planning scenarios. 

First-to-Pass analysis

We are excited to announce our newest feature, First-to-Pass. First-to-Pass allows advisors to have deeper conversations with their clients with the Vanilla Estate Advisory Platform. Now, advisors can dynamically switch between death pattern sequences, allowing advisors to provide a holistic view of the client’s estate plan. The advisor can also decide which death sequence they want to add to the PDF report before sending it to their client.  And if the advisor chooses, they can send out two reports with both outputs. 

First-to-Pass for Wealth and Estate Planning Strategists 

With First-to-Pass, Wealth and Estate Planning Strategists (WEPS users) can now abstract a client’s estate plan in the Estate Builder  to represent both fact patterns (client predeceases spouse/client survives spouse) and make copies of dispositive documents. During the document abstraction process, WEPS users can save time by copying one estate document and applying the details to another in the estate with a similar fact pattern, allowing WEPS users to be more nimble without sacrificing accuracy and precision in building out a client’s estate within the Estate Builder in Vanilla.

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