Estate planning is complex. Our complete estate planning solution demystifies the process, with powerful visuals, AI-powered summaries, scenario analysis, and on-demand document creation. We help advisors, planners, and attorneys delight clients and win new ones with a better estate planning experience.

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Estate Planning Software

Modern, visual estate planning for every client

Estate planning is complex. Our complete estate planning solution demystifies the process, with powerful visuals, AI-powered summaries, scenario analysis, and on-demand document creation. We help advisors, planners, and attorneys delight clients and win new ones with a better estate planning experience.

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Vanilla Helps Advisors, Estate Planners, & Attorneys

The benefits of a modern, visual approach to estate planning

Wealth Advisors

Deliver differentiated advice, deepen client relationships, and grow your business.

Vanilla for Advisors

Estate Planners

Support more advisors and extend quality estate planning to every client.

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Turn complex structures into simple diagrams and harness real time scenario planning.

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Own your legacy with an estate plan that reflects your values.

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Our estate planning software

The Complete Estate Planning Platform

Built by advisors and planners, Vanilla is more than just a place to create trusts, wills, and estate planning documents. It’s the only end-to-end platform to support clients at all wealth levels across their entire estate planning journey.

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AI-powered Summaries

Family, financial, and estate information all in one place

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Interactive Visualizations

Waterfall entities and assets across the generations


On-demand Trusts

Create estate planning documents online


What-if Scenario Planning

Show the impact of additional planning

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an estate planning software? And why do advisors need it?

Estate planning software helps financial advisors, lawyers, and individuals analyze existing estate plans, identify gaps, calculate potential federal and state estate tax liabilities, and create new planning documents such as trust, wills, power of attorney, and healthcare directives. It can automate many of the manual tasks involved in estate planning, such as drafting documents, calculating taxes and waterfalls, and building visualizations to explain how the plan works. 

Advisors need estate planning software because it can help them:

  • Provide better service to their clients by helping them create comprehensive and effective estate plans.
  • Understand their clients balance sheet and total net-worth.
  • Create a deeper connection to the client and their goals.
  • Retain assets by creating a connection with the second generation.

Estate planning software can help advisors educate clients about estate planning and build trust and rapport through using a modern, interactive experience.

Can Vanilla help with tax planning?

Yes, Vanilla can help with tax planning as part of its estate planning software. It can help advisors calculate the potential federal and state estate tax implications of each client’s current estate. 

How should I evaluate estate planning software?

Estate planning software should help users do four things – organize and visualize a family’s existing plan, strategize potential opportunities, offer online document creation, and create a collaborative online space for accessing current estate plans and documents. Estate planning software needs to account for complex fact patterns, multiple types of trust documents, state and federal tax laws, and have a robust reporting engine. 

Estate planning software also needs to be easy to use, integrated to other financial technology systems, secure, and offer best-in-class customer service.

How much does Vanilla’s estate planning software cost?

Vanilla’s estate planning software is available today for wealth management firms and law firms, priced based on each firm’s individual needs. Please contact sales for a custom quote. 


Stay current on the latest in trusts, wills, and estate planning

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Feb 16, 2023

The Vanilla Estate Planning Playbook (updated for 2024)

A step-by-step checklist to guide your client conversations, updated for 2024. This playbook is inspired by the guide used by Steve Lockshin and his firm AdvicePeriod, based on Lockshin’s 30+ years of financial advice and estate planning for some of the most successful ultra-high net worth clients in the world.



Feb 10, 2023

Why estate planning matters

Win new clients by downloading and sending this presentation to potential clients and prospects alike. It can help them understand why estate planning matters and how you, as their trusted advisor, can make the process as simple as possible by using Vanilla.



Aug 10, 2023

A guide to trusts for estate planning

Trusts are an important component of financial and estate planning, but there are many types of trusts – each with unique pros and cons. This guide helps financial advisors and clients sort through the many different types of trusts to better understand what they might want to employ for their own estate strategies.



Apr 04, 2023

Vanilla sample report for taxable estates

With Vanilla, advisors can create a new type of deliverable that both clients and prospects have never seen before. Not only does Vanilla help advisors increase the depth of their service offerings, but it also helps an advisor’s client actually understand the full picture of their wealth and legacy. Download a sample report below.



Dec 07, 2022

A guide to gifting

Making lifetime gifts is one of the most common, tried-and-true strategies to reduce estate tax liability. We’ll walk you through the major types of charitable and non-charitable gifts that you might want to consider, as this year draws to an end.

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