Estate planning diagrams drive impactful client conversations with dynamic visualizations and summaries, not documents.

Visualize Estate Planning Diagrams

Delight clients with interactive estate planning diagrams

Estate planning diagrams drive impactful client conversations with dynamic visualizations and summaries, not documents.

Lead a better estate planning conversation

The Client Profile shows the complete overview of the estate.


The Estate Plan diagram, Balance Sheet, and Waterfall break down how the plan works, how assets are owned, and important fiduciary information.


The Beneficiary Summary explains the plan’s impact on the client’s beneficiaries.

report builder

Report Builder creates custom high-fidelity, branded PDF reports on-demand.

Key features for visualizing estate plans

Estate Plan Diagram

Beneficiaries and Fiduciaries

Balance Sheet

Estate Tax Calculations


Estate Plan Diagram w Rev Trust Flyout

Share a simplified view of the entire estate plan

With estate planning diagrams, advisors can create ongoing estate planning conversations with simplified, dynamic visualizations that can be updated as their plan changes. Drill deeper into trusts in the estate by asset ownership, key provisions, fiduciaries, and real-time estate tax estimates.


See who receives what and when

Clients need to regularly review their fiduciaries and beneficiary designations to understand how their plan impacts their beneficiaries. And when your client is ready, lead the legacy planning conversation with the next generation on how the plan will impact their wealth.

Balance Sheet w Rev Trust Flyout

Create a foundation for client conversations

Advisors can see a summary of their client’s total wealth, specific details about assets by ownership, what’s inside versus outside the taxable estate, what’s liquid vs illiquid, and the total estimated estate tax.

Comprehend potential federal and state estate tax liability

Create an ongoing conversation about the impact of estate taxes on your clients’ planning. Vanilla’s powerful tax engine estimates each client’s potential federal and state estate tax liability.

Estate planning Waterfall 02

Understand how assets flow through the estate

The waterfall helps your clients understand how assets are divided and distributed among beneficiaries and what the estimated estate tax liability will be.

Keep the estate plan up-to-date

See how integrations with leading wealth management tech vendors keeps the estate plan current with a daily automatic sync that ensures financial data is accurately represented on the balance sheet.
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Organize estate plans

Quickly bring clients onto the platform with a guided flow.

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Deliver continuous estate planning advice

Deepen client relationships with personalized, impactful conversations.

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Draft and execute new estate documents

Easily create core estate planning documents.

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Frequently asked questions

How can the Vanilla platform help advisors engage clients in estate planning?

Vanilla’s vision is to empower everyone to create a meaningful legacy.  We do this by making it easy for advisors to have ongoing estate planning conversations with their clients with simplified, dynamic visualizations of the estate plan that can be updated as life events occur such as the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, etc. 

How does Vanilla aim to replace using PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets?

Instead of interpreting legal documents and turning them into PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets, advisors can save time and reduce errors from manual work by inputting all of their client information into Vanilla.  This data becomes the Client Profile and ultimately represents the estate plan.  Their estate plan is dynamic so that if something changes, it will update as the plan changes.

What information does Vanilla visualize on the platform?

Vanilla takes all of your client’s household information, financial data and estate documents to create the dynamic visualizations of the estate plan.  Financial information includes bank accounts, stock portfolios, real estate, brokerage accounts, personal property (i.e. art and car collections), and retirement accounts. 

How does Vanilla show the impact of an estimated estate liability?

Estate tax calculations are based on the current exemption of $12.92M per person (or $25.84M for a married couple. The exemption will be indexed for inflation each year and is scheduled to sunset to $5M per person in 2026 (indexed for inflation from 2011).

The table below presents calculations for hypothetical estate tax exposure based on assets that are considered inside of the taxable estate. These calculations include an estimated federal estate tax and state estate tax (no inheritance tax). The table then presents a high level breakdown of net assets that transfer to charity and heirs (if any).


Estimated Estate Tax Calculator
Estimated Estate Tax Calculator

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