Deepen your client relationships with proactive, ongoing communication about your client’s estate plan.

Deliver Estate Planning Recommendations

Make estate planning conversations a pillar of your business

Deepen your client relationships with proactive, ongoing communication about your client’s estate plan.

Moments to engage your client

Communicate and provide value to your clients at the right time


During onboarding, learn about your clients’ estate planning goals.


Once the estate plan has been completed, review it with your client.


Schedule regular check-ins with your clients.


Communicate regularly with your clients when milestones and opportunities arise.

Key features for delivering ongoing estate communication


Planning Opportunities

Estate Planning Reports

Estate Management Milestones

Create trusted client relationships by helping achieve targeted goals

Track past, present, and future milestones to show the journey of what you’ve accomplished and the roadmap of what needs to be done throughout the years. Continually add milestones by category and year to ensure ongoing estate planning conversations.


Deliver differentiated value with suggested actions for clients and their beneficiaries

Establish touch points with your clients with estate planning recommendations such as reviewing beneficiary designations, funding for trusts, and up-to-date items. Ensure no details are overlooked for the maintenance and prioritization of the estate.

Branded Reports

Delight clients with a comprehensive, branded, and downloadable report

Advisors can easily customize and build reports to send their clients the details of their estate plans. Select which details are relevant for each client.

Capture all details of your clients' financial picture

See how our integrations with wealth management tech vendors help you deliver the best estate planning information to your clients.

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Onboard client estate plans

Quickly organize clients’ plans with a guided onboarding flow

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Turn estate plans into diagrams

Simplify planning with powerful visualizations

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Get on-demand estate planning documents

Ensure adequate planning with the necessary documents

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Frequently asked questions

How does Vanilla help advisors proactively communicate with their clients?

Vanilla enables advisors to have ongoing conversations with their clients about their estate plans.  An advisor has the ability to create milestones, allowing them to track what planning has been done in the past and what needs to be completed in the future for their clients.  Vanilla also suggests opportunities to identify the details about the estate for further review and prioritization (i.e. beneficiary and document updates and funding of trusts).

Does Vanilla provide a deliverable I can share with my clients?

Advisors can create an on-demand, custom branded PDF report that they can share with their clients.  Easily visualize the estate with sections for the family tree, estate overview, the balance sheet that shows what’s inside and outside the estate, estimated tax calculations and more.



When is the right time to communicate with my clients about their estate plan?

As the person most familiar with their clients’ overall financial situation, advisors should be communicating with their clients frequently, especially as life events occur (marriage, new baby, divorce, move to a different state, change in health conditions, change in wealth).  Once a review of the client’s documents is completed, the advisor can update the financial inputs at any time.  The platform will dynamically reflect these updates in the estate plan visualizations.

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