Vanilla’s new features for March – Introducing Vanilla Scenarios & an upgraded Estate Profile

March feature madness is in full swing here at Vanilla with new releases and an exciting launch last week! Here’s what we’re most excited about this month:

  • Introducing Vanilla Scenarios™
  • An upgraded client Estate Profile

Model the future impact of planning with Vanilla Scenarios™

Currently in the Vanilla platform, advisors, planners, and attorneys can use our recently enhanced projections feature to visualize a client’s current estate at a future point in time, like the 2026 Sunset. With Vanilla Scenarios™, rolling out over the coming months, wealth advisors will be able to model the future impact of advanced planning on top of their client’s current estate plan.

By layering on multiple planning strategies, like a GRAT or SLAT, or different scenarios, a wealth advisor can help their client visualize potential tax mitigation strategies and maximize what assets will go to their beneficiaries. Advisors can also effortlessly customize the details of each strategy, including changes to their client’s state of residency or beneficiaries. This dynamic modeling allows advisors to showcase the potential impact of each scenario instantly, providing clients with actionable insight and recommendations for meaningful planning improvements.

Navigate the Vanilla platform faster with an upgraded client Estate Profile

With the Vanilla Estate Advisory platform, wealth advisors can quickly and efficiently organize client family, financial, and estate information. We’re excited to announce new upgrades to the client Estate Profile to create a more intuitive organizational and navigational experience.

Advisors can now find the most important information within an estate faster to help clients optimize their planning. We’ve reimagined the Estate Profile layout with two intuitive navigational menus and thanks to valuable feedback from our customers, advisors can now access the Balance Sheet and financial information through Net Worth (formerly WealthCenter). Navigating Vanilla with a tablet device is also much easier with enhancements to improve usability.

For more information and a demo of these new features, check out a recording of our recent launch webinar.

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