Vanilla simplifies estate planning in Washington by helping you organize and visualize every client’s complete financial picture.

Washington Estate Planning Software

Estate advisory platform for Washington estate planners, advisors, and attorneys

Vanilla simplifies estate planning in Washington by helping you organize and visualize every client’s complete financial picture.

Washington Estate Planning Documents

Vanilla is the most complete estate planning software for financial planners and advisors in Washington

Invite your clients

Advisors invite clients to create estate documents.

estate planning document wizard

Clients go through a self-guided questionnaire.

client reviews the information

Clients review and finalize the plan.

client will receive printed documents

Printed documents are shipped for signature.


Advisor keeps track of clients’ progress.

advisor is notified through the advisor dashboard

The estate plan is visualized in Vanilla.

Estate planning considerations unique to Washington

Probate laws and proceedings vary from state to state. Here are some probate and estate distinctions to be aware of in Washington. 

State estate tax

Washington is one of a few states that imposes a state estate tax in addition to the federal estate tax. Currently, Washington’s tax applies to any estates valued at $2.193 million or more. The rates range from 10% to 20%, depending on the value of the estate.

Simplified probate process

For estates below a certain threshold in value, Washington offers simplified probate procedures. Heirs can use a simplified procedure to claim assets without going through formal probate for qualifying estates. 

Community property

Washington is one of 12 community property states, meaning that assets acquired during marriage are automatically considered jointly and equally owned by both spouses. This means marital assets are subject to equal division in the event of divorce or death. 

Will formalities

Washington has specific requirements for creating a valid will, including a witness signature. If a will doesn’t meet the state’s validity requirements, the estate may become subject to intestacy laws. 

Homestead protections

Washington offers homestead protections or awards in lieu of homestead for a surviving spouse, surviving registered domestic partner, and minor children. These protections can allow them to retain certain rights to the family home or receive financial support during the probate process. 

Non-probate assets

Washington has specific laws regarding non-probate assets, such as joint tenancy property, payable-on-death accounts, and assets held in a trust. Typically, these assets can pass to designated beneficiaries without going through probate.

Intestate succession in Washington

Key estate planning features to deliver more value to clients in Washington

Create estate planning documents with a simple and intuitive questionnaire

Clients answer questions through a step-by-step process that generates their estate planning documents. 

Easily track the status of your clients’ estate documents

Invite your clients to create core estate planning documents. Monitor the status of invites sent and your clients’ progress to ensure they’re successfully completed and executed. 

Visualize estate plans directly in Vanilla

Information from the estate documents flows directly into Vanilla so advisors can immediately see the specific fact patterns and integrate their clients’ financial data.

Engage with a best-in-class attorney throughout the document creation process

Clients have the option to engage with licensed attorneys from Accelerant PLLC in certain states who will help facilitate and complete the estate planning documents.


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Organize and onboard clients’ plans in one place.

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Visualize how the estate plan works

Simplify complex plans with interactive diagrams.

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Create strategies and opportunities through impactful estate planning conversations.

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Frequently asked questions

Can Vanilla provide estate planning documents tailored to Washington’s state laws?

Yes, Vanilla has a suite of core estate planning documents that have been tailored to WA law by top WA-licensed attorneys.

Can Vanilla automate estate plans for attorneys and financial advisors in Washington?

Yes, Vanilla enables advisors to create new estate plans and generate automated visualizations, reports and potential opportunities through Document Builder.

Can I create an estate plan flowchart on Vanilla?

Yes, Vanilla takes all of your client’s household information, financial data, and estate documents to create the dynamic visualizations of the estate plan.

How can the Vanilla platform help advisors engage clients in estate planning?

Vanilla’s vision is to empower everyone to create a meaningful legacy.  We do this by making it easy for advisors to have ongoing estate planning conversations with their clients with simplified, dynamic visualizations of the estate plan that can be updated as life events occur such as the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, etc.

How does Vanilla aim to replace using estate planning PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets?

Instead of interpreting legal documents and turning them into PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets, advisors can save time and reduce errors from manual work by inputting all of their client information into Vanilla. This data becomes the Client Profile and ultimately represents the estate plan. Their estate plan is dynamic so that if something changes, it will update as the plan changes.

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