Assess your clients’ existing planning and create new estate plans in a modern, branded experience—now available at no cost to you.

Deliver sophisticated, end-to-end planning at scale

On-demand estate planning documents

Assess your clients’ existing planning and create new estate plans in a modern, branded experience—now available at no cost to you.

Offer your clients a modern estate planning solution

Introduce your clients to the estate planning process in a modern, branded way—then close the loop with streamlined document creation

estate planning document wizard

Invite your client to the Estate Health Check

Your client is introduced to key planning concepts

Invite your clients

Your client answers basic questions about any existing planning

Create estate plan documents

You receive a summary of the Estate Health Check

client reviews the information

If the client needs new documents, invite them to Document Builder

client will receive printed documents

Client creates new documents in Vanilla

Assess what your clients need in minutes

Deliver a new client touchpoint to initiate the estate planning conversation

Vanilla’s Estate Health Check helps engage and educate your clients on estate planning, while helping you determine immediate next steps.

Create estate planning documents with a simple and intuitive workflow

Invite your clients into an intuitive, self-guided questionnaire that produces their basic estate planning documents. 

Flexible and sophisticated documents

The document templates were built from the ground up by attorneys from top national law firms, purpose-built for mass affluent and high-net-worth clients.

Best-in-class deliverable sent directly to your clients for execution

The entire document package will be printed and shipped directly to your clients so that they can be fully executed.


Easily track the status of your clients’ documents

Invite your clients to create core estate planning documents. Monitor the status of invites sent and your clients’ progress of their documents to ensure they’re successfully completed and executed. 

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Create estate plan overviews

Organize and onboard clients’ plans in one place.

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Visualize how the estate plan works

Simplify complex plans with interactive diagrams.

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Deliver ongoing estate advice

Drive ongoing legacy planning

Create strategies and opportunities through impactful estate planning conversations.

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Frequently asked questions

When will Vanilla Document Builder be available?

Vanilla Document Builder is currently in public preview, available to all clients of Vanilla customers. 

What documents are included in the Basic Trust Package?

The Basic Trust Package includes a Pour-over Will, Revocable Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, and Certification of Trust.

When will other document packages be available?

With our powerful document engine, we will be able to offer different document packages on our platform.  We plan to offer other document packages in the future.

Do I have to be a Vanilla customer in order for my clients to create documents?

Yes, an advisor has to be a customer of Vanilla in order to invite their clients to consider creating estate plan documents with Vanilla Document Builder.  However, a client can create their documents without having their estate plan visualized and reflected in Vanilla.

Can a user create documents usable in countries other than the United States?

At the moment, we only support document creation for estates within the United States.

Do I need an attorney to review my estate planning documents once they’re completed?

The templates for the documents have been created by leading trust and estate planning experts and is a self-service model without direct attorney engagement.  We plan to offer an option to engage with an attorney in the near future.

Do you permit an advisor's clients to generate estate planning documents through Vanilla without going through their advisor?

At the present time, we are not offering documents directly to clients. An advisor would need to invite their client into Vanilla Document Builder.

How does the invite process work?

Advisors will have access to an “Advisor portal,” which allows them to invite clients to create documents.  Invites can be sent to new or existing clients currently on Vanilla.

Can an advisor create estate documents on behalf of their client(s)?

No, advisors cannot create estate planning documents on behalf of their clients. 

Can I keep track of the status of my clients’ progress?

An advisor will receive notifications of the status of the client’s estate plan docs creation process, starting with the invite that was sent to the client, the progress of the questionnaire, finalized documents, proof of payment, receipt by mail, and the actual execution. These notifications can be seen within the Advisor Portal and/or received by email by both the advisor and client.

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