Vanilla simplifies estate planning in Georgia by helping you organize and visualize every client’s complete financial picture.

Georgia Estate Planning Software

Estate advisory platform for Georgia estate planners, advisors, and attorneys

Vanilla simplifies estate planning in Georgia by helping you organize and visualize every client’s complete financial picture.

Georgia Estate Planning Documents

Vanilla is the most complete estate planning software for financial planners and advisors in Georgia

Invite your clients

Advisors invite clients to create estate documents.

estate planning document wizard

Clients go through a self-guided questionnaire.

client reviews the information

Clients review and finalize the plan.

client will receive printed documents

Printed documents are shipped for signature.


Advisor keeps track of clients’ progress.

advisor is notified through the advisor dashboard

The estate plan is visualized in Vanilla.

Estate planning considerations unique to Georgia

Every state has its own estate and probate procedures. Here are some regulations to be aware of in Georgia: 

Year’s support

Unlike other states, Georgia offers residents a provision called “year’s support.” This is a petition a surviving spouse and minor children may file with the probate court to grant them financial support from the estate for one year following the death. This can take precedence over creditors’ claims against the estate. 

Affidavit for disbursement

Georgia allows for a simplified process for heirs of a deceased person to claim money from the deceased if the deceased died intestate (without a will), the only asset the deceased has is money deposited in a bank or other financial institution, and the amount is not more than $15,000. If the required criteria are met, heirs may be able to claim these assets by completing an affidavit for the financial institution without having to go through probate. 

No Administration Necessary

Georgia has a simplified probate process, called a “petition for order declaring no administration necessary,” which is available for the estates of individuals who died intestate (without a will). If no personal representative is appointed, the estate owes no debts, and all heirs have agreed on how to divide the property, then they can file a petition to request the simplified probate process. If granted, this process can save some of the time, money, and hassle associated with regular probate proceedings. 

No estate or inheritance tax

Georgia does not impose a state estate tax or an inheritance tax. 

Bond requirement

Unless explicitly waived by a will or all heirs agree to waive it, a bond to protect an estate’s assets is typically required in Georgia. The bond must be posted by the estate’s executor or administrator. 

Intestate succession in Georgia


Key estate planning features to deliver more value to clients in Georgia

Create estate planning documents with a simple and intuitive questionnaire

Clients answer questions through a step-by-step process that generates their estate planning documents. 

Easily track the status of your clients’ estate documents

Invite your clients to create core estate planning documents. Monitor the status of invites sent and your clients’ progress to ensure they’re successfully completed and executed. 

Printed documents sent directly to your clients for execution

Everything will be printed and shipped directly to your clients in a beautifully designed package so that they can be duly executed.


Visualize estate plans directly in Vanilla

Information from the estate documents flows directly into Vanilla so advisors can immediately see the specific fact patterns and integrate their clients’ financial data.


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Organize and onboard clients’ plans in one place.

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Visualize how the estate plan works

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Create strategies and opportunities through impactful estate planning conversations.

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Frequently asked questions

Can Vanilla provide estate planning documents tailored to Georgia state laws?

Yes, Vanilla has a suite of core estate planning documents that have been tailored to GA law by top GA-licensed attorneys.

Can Vanilla automate estate plans for attorneys and financial advisors in Georgia?

Yes, Vanilla enables advisors to create new estate plans and generate automated visualizations, reports and potential opportunities through Document Builder.

How does Vanilla show the impact of estimated estate liability?

Estate tax calculations are based on the current (2024) exemption of $13.61M per person (or $27.22M for a married couple). The exemption will be indexed for inflation each year and is scheduled to sunset to $5M per person in 2026 (indexed for inflation from 2011). 

The table below presents calculations for hypothetical estate tax exposure based on assets that are considered inside of the taxable estate. These calculations include an estimated federal estate tax and state estate tax – both resident and non-resident, if any (no inheritance or GST tax). The table then presents a high level breakdown of net assets that transfer to heirs and charity (if any).

How does Vanilla help advisors communicate opportunities to their clients?

Vanilla enables advisors to have ongoing conversations with their clients about their estate plans. Opportunities identify the details about the estate that need to be looked at and then prioritized (i.e. beneficiary updates).

Do I have to be a Vanilla customer in order for my clients to create documents?

Yes, an advisor has to be a customer of Vanilla in order to invite their clients to consider creating estate plan documents with Vanilla Document Builder.  However, a client can create their documents without having their estate plan visualized and reflected in Vanilla.

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