How Brett Nelson, CFP® at AdvicePeriod deepens relationships with new and existing clients using Vanilla

Brett Nelson, CFP® is a Partner Advisor with AdvicePeriod. With two decades of experience in wealth management, he has a proven track record of delivering customized solutions to his clients. Brett and his dedicated team primarily work with executives and business owners who are looking to be strategic in protecting and growing their assets.


Delivering more value with consistency

Brett works diligently to assist his clients and provide guidance in the management of both their parents’ and children’s financial paths in a tax-efficient manner. Brett’s strong attention to detail, responsiveness, strategic and proactive financial advice enables his clients to take full enjoyment of the wealth their family has created.

By using Vanilla, Brett can easily standardize the entire estate planning experience for all of his existing clients and prospects. This allows him to deliver a new type of value in a repeatable way.

Going deeper than money

Thanks to Vanilla, not only is Brett able to provide consistent value to a process that is often complex and difficult to understand, he can spark conversations around a client’s legacy that go deeper than money.

Brett uses Vanilla’s Estate Reports to help his clients see their planning like never before.. Included in the report is a detailed analysis of a client’s current planning, a summary of their estate documents and a visualization of their estate.

In the report, trusted advisors like Brett can find high-impact opportunities and strategies that help guide him on actionable next steps for his client. These high-impact opportunities and strategies are what separate advisor-client relationships that can last for generations from those that do not.

As Vanilla automates and simplifies the estate planning process, Brett can focus on building trust and growing relationships with each client.

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Organize Estate Plans

Quickly bring clients onto the platform with a guided flow.

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Deliver ongoing estate advice

Deliver ongoing estate advice

Deepen engagement with personalized, impactful conversations.

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Visualize estate plans

Visualize estate plans

Simplify planning with powerful visualizations.

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