May 31, 2023

A guide to the 2026 federal estate tax exemption sunset (for clients)


If your client has an estate that has not been previously taxable due to the historically high exemption – but may find themselves with a taxable estate when that exemption sunsets at the end of 2025 – this guide is a helpful resource.

In it, you and your clients will find:

  • An overview of the estate tax and estate tax exemption
  • How the exemption will change at the end of 2025
  • Who should be taking action now in preparation for the sunset
  • Strategies to consider in mitigating the estate tax burden

For impacted clients, the time to act is now. To learn more about how best to work with clients in preparation for the exemption sunset, watch the on-demand webinar with Vanilla and AdvicePeriod co-founder Steve Lockshin and AdvicePeriod Senior Advisor (and former estate attorney) Arielle Lederman.

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