Transforming Estate Law Practices: Vanilla Introduces “Vanilla for Attorneys” for the Modern Legal Community

Vanilla for Attorneys helps trust and estate attorneys streamline estate planning and modernize client experiences.

Vanilla, a leading provider of innovative estate planning software, today announced the launch of Vanilla for Attorneys. This newly tailored offering redefines estate planning, allowing attorneys to shift from transactional meetings to fostering ongoing, modern client relationships.

Vanilla for Attorneys provides attorneys with a powerful, easy-to-use platform to help them onboard clients, model complex estate planning scenarios, and elevate client conversations. Designed to support the legacy building process end to end, Vanilla for Attorneys enables attorneys to provide a differentiated, holistic planning approach that results in deeper, more valuable relationships with their clients.

“By combining cutting-edge AI technology, dynamic design, and industry-leading wealth transfer strategies, Vanilla for Attorneys transforms traditional estate planning into a dynamic, client-focused experience,” said Gene Farrell, CEO at Vanilla. “We’re empowering attorneys to not only visualize estate plans but also to demonstrate their impact through visual storytelling. This new package offers impactful ways to show clients how a plan would work before doing the work of drafting the plan. ” 

The Vanilla for Attorneys package includes features such as 

  • Collaborative Onboarding, which simplifies the collection of client materials, setting the stage for a more efficient and interactive client intake experience. 
  • Estate Builder, which automatically creates dynamic visuals of estate plans that are fully integrated with financial and family data. 
  • VAI™, Vanilla’s AI engine to read and abstract key details from existing plans. 
  • Vanilla Scenarios™, which allows attorneys to educate their clients by demonstrating how different planning strategies can potentially affect their future. This approach not only clarifies the decision-making process for clients but also boosts their confidence and satisfaction with the services provided.

“Using Vanilla has totally changed the way I approach estate planning with clients. I’m able to start with the destination in mind and align them on how a great plan should work—fully integrated with financials. My clients love seeing distributions change as we talk through what-if scenarios, such as adding in a SLAT,” said Vanilla customer Kevin Donovan J.D., founder and partner of The Art of Planning.

As part of its ongoing commitment to modernizing estate planning for attorneys, advisors, and planners, Vanilla is proud to sponsor the American Bar Association’s 36th Annual RPTE National CLE Conference, May 8-10, 2024, in Washington, DC, as well as the 61st Annual NAEPC Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference, October 20-24 in Anaheim, CA.

Vanilla for Attorneys is now available and ready to modernize estate planning practices nationwide. Law firms looking to improve their client conversations and streamline their planning processes are invited to experience the future of estate planning with Vanilla. For more information, visit 

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