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Build a more comprehensive balance sheet with new partner integration features

Today, we are excited to announce several upgrades to our integrations with Black Diamond, Orion, and Addepar that enable advisors to import client financial data faster onto the Vanilla Estate Advisory Platform.

With these new enhancements, an advisor can bring in more data from portfolio management systems to their client’s balance sheet for a more accurate representation of their estate. Advisors can select any number of clients in an estate to sync to a single Vanilla client profile when building out the balance sheet in the WealthCenter. Multiple clients’ financial accounts can also be added to a single balance sheet rather than importing each account individually. The synced accounts will automatically refresh their balances on a daily basis making sure client financial information is up-to-date.

Advisors using Addepar will now be able to see the same ownership structure in Vanilla with a sync of the full market value for financial accounts. Going forward, existing financial accounts can be edited to reflect this change. Additional information for existing Addepar and Vanilla users is available in the Vanilla Knowledge Base

Additionally, advisors using Black Diamond and Orion can now import entire portfolios of their client’s financial accounts into the balance sheet with the Portfolio groupings feature. Advisors can select/deselect multiple financial accounts from a portfolio at once rather than adding those accounts one at a time. If a financial account belongs to multiple portfolios, it will appear across all associated portfolios automatically.

With these new integration features, advisors can be more agile in building out their client’s balance sheet and ensure financial data is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Delight clients with customizable reports from the upgraded Report Builder

We are excited to announce several Report Builder enhancements that allow advisors to customize the Vanilla PDF report and deliver a high-quality deliverable to their clients. Now, advisors can choose to include specific features in the report such as projections, the order of each spouse’s death, and page numbers. Advisors can also choose the content and order of pages that they want to add to the report. If an advisor isn’t ready to generate the report, it is easy to save a draft. With customizable report options, advisors can drive better planning conversations by focusing on what matters most to their clients.

To see all of these new features in action, check out our upcoming What’s New webinar on August 2nd.

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