Why Modern Wealth Management Must Include Estate Planning

You’re not your grandfather’s financial advisor. The remit of advisors has been forced to adapt to a changing world and new client needs. This seismic shift, from a laser focus on assets directly under an advisor’s management to a holistic approach to monitoring wealth, is one that has benefited everyone, client and advisor alike. For the clients, the appeal is clear. They stand to gain more and feel safer when their wealth as a whole is being monitored and balanced by skilled professionals. And for advisors, the new approach allows them to serve their clients better and to develop deeper and long lasting relationships that go beyond the transactional.


Steve Lockshin, the long-time wealth advisor and co-founder of estate planning software company Vanilla summarized this holistic approach succinctly: “Advisors have a unique level of visibility and clarity across assets, aspirations and even familial conflicts and turning points in the lives of their clients. They’re positioned to see opportunities and hazards and plan their clients’ financial future accordingly. This new focus comes with a level of responsibility that advisors must embrace.”


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[by April Rudin, Forbes]

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