What Wealthy Clients Want From Advisors

Most financial advisors are in constant pursuit of wealthy clients, but they might not fully understand what it takes to land and keep high-net-worth clients.


With that in mind, etf.com spoke with an advisor who specializes in working with wealthy families and individuals.


Steve Lockshin is a principal of Los Angeles-based AdvicePeriod, a Mariner Wealth Advisors company, and a co-founder of Vanilla, the estate advisory platform.


Jeff Benjamin: How do you gain access to high-net-worth prospects?
Steve Lockshin: It’s hard to break in. I would become an expert at something ultra-high-net-worth people need and want. Aviation, estate planning, family wealth dynamics or something that will gain you entry. After 30 years in the business, almost all of our new clients come from referrals. However, those referrals are the result of establishing ourselves as experts in the estate planning arena, and referrals often come from other clients who know somebody who is either unhappy in an existing relationship or about to have a liquidity event.


JB: How do you pitch a high-net-worth prospect?
SL: We don’t lead with investments. We feel that investment management is very commoditized and nobody really has any secret sauce. We lead with a holistic planning and service experience. Show them how you will use estate planning and quarterback their tax and legal team to protect their wealth. Estate planning for the wealthy can have an immediate 40% impact with no impact to portfolio risk and that’s just in year one.




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[Jeff Benjamin, ETF.com]

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