The Evolution of Estate Planning: A Conversation with Steve Lockshin, Vanilla

You’re listening to Episode 201 of the WealthTech Today podcast. I’m your host, Craig Iskowitz, founder of Ezra Group Consulting. This podcast features interviews, news and analysis on the trends and best practices, all about wealth management technology.


My guest for this episode is one of the most well known leaders in the industry, Steve Lockshin. Steve is a serial entrepreneur in the wealth advisory industry. He’s a principal of RIA AdvicePeriod and co founder of Vanilla, a software platform for estate advisory and that’s what we’ll be talking about today, the estate planning software provider called Vanilla that Steve co founded.


Just give you a little more insight and background on Steve in case you live under a rock and don’t know know him prior to co founding RIA AdvicePeriod in 2013, Steve was chairman of Convergent Wealth Advisors, a company founded in 1994. He later founded CMS Reporting, which was rebranded as Fortigent, a company you might be aware of a leading provider of outsourced wealth management solutions, with more than $35 billion in assets on its platform, which was later acquired by LPL Financial, so you see the pattern here. Steve helped pioneer the independent advisory industry building one of the largest independent RIAs in the nation, Lydian Wealth Management, which was acquired by City National Bank.


Steve is widely known for his contemporary approach to wealth advisory, as well as his estate planning knowledge and is a frequent speaker on both topics. In 2011, Steve was named the number one independent financial adviser in the United States by Barron’s. Steve grew AdvicePeriod to over 5 billion in anyone before it was sold to Mariner Wealth Advisors in 2021.



Listen to the full episode here: The Evolution of Estate Planning: A Conversation with Steve Lockshin, Vanilla

[Craig Iskowitz, WealthTech Today]

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