Estate Planning Is ‘The Next Frontier’ for Advisors: Steve Lockshin

Estate planning is moving to the forefront of the consumer’s mind,” says Steve Lockshin, the founder of the estate planning platform Vanilla.


His goal is to move it to the forefront of the financial advisor’s mind.


In a recent interview with ThinkAdvisor, the AdvicePeriod co-founder and principal argues that estate planning is “the next frontier. This is true for anybody who has any wealth at all.”


Lockshin, an early champion of high tech for advisors, discusses why he thinks estate planning will become “a staple” with financial advisors and why it is “an important family security issue.”


Vanilla’s software automates the process, making it easier for financial advisors to customize strategies at scale.


It can be used for clients at all asset levels, Lockshin says in the interview, and the firm’s client base includes both small RIAs and large financial institutions, like Vanguard.



Read the full article here: Estate Planning Is ‘The Next Frontier’ for Advisors: Steve Lockshin

[Jane Wollman Rusoff, ThinkAdvisor]

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