Estate planning gets an AI makeover thanks to Vanilla

Artificial intelligence is certain to change how financial advisors and wealth managers operate, with many applications streamlining and accelerating processes.


Estate planning solutions firm Vanilla is aiming to leverage the power of AI to speed up everyday tasks such as turning estate documents into diagrams, creating projections for federal and state-specific estate tax, and beneficiary summaries.


Using its own purpose-built AI model called VAI, the firm’s newly launched suite of tools will assist advisors in understanding the unique circumstances and issues for high-net-worth families. This will include identifying planning opportunities to help advisors stay ahead of the curve.


“We’re proud to introduce comprehensive, tech-forward solutions that make it easy for wealth planners and advisors to deliver proactive planning advice to clients at enterprise scale,” Gene Farrell, CEO of Vanilla, said in a statement. “We anticipate that these tools will be particularly impactful in helping to develop plans for high-net-worth clients, accelerating and simplifying what has traditionally been a complex process.”




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[Steve Randall, Investment News]

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