Advisor Launches Startup That’s Anything but Just Vanilla

Steve Lockshin knew early on in his career as an advisor that he was, what he now terms “a Cassandra.” He saw future trends in the financial services industry before they happened, which is, in part, a definition for the metaphor originating from Greek mythology.


Lockshin started creating businesses two decades ago, which he typically would sell to the highest bidder before going back to the drawing board to create another company. As an advisor who happens to be a serial entrepreneur, Lockshin might still be following the same successful pattern had he not created a startup that ultimately captivated his attention – Vanilla.


Vanilla is a technology platform that “simplifies and standardizes the estate planning process, enabling advisors to proactively partner with their clients to evaluate, optimize, and evolve their estate plan as clients’ needs change over time,” according to Lockshin. The promise is that Vanilla “makes estate planning simple so the financial advisor doesn’t have to be an estate planning expert to organize the information and kick off a discussion with the client,” he added.


The company has taken the industry by storm, leading Lockshin to hire a CEO and change his role to executive chairman.




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[Holt Hackney, AdvisorHub]

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